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Kids & Bikes: Are Cycling and Football the Most Dangerous Sports for Children?

Kids & BikesIt is a very tricky issue in order to spot out the most dangerous sport of the world. Dangerous sports refer to those sports in which a person participates just for the reason that danger is involved. Even the fact that these sports show large number of death figures does not prevent people from taking part.

The death figures are difficult to determine, this is because the event organizers do not purposely wish that their event gets bad publicity. A few of the sports claim that these are the most dangerous sports in the world.

Participating in the sports at college and school can help boost the self esteem of a child as well as the confidence level of a child. The recommendations that are given by the heath department of the US are also important for these teen athletes.

The sports have risks that are related to them and most of these are cut down by the help of rules that are age related and the protective instrument that is used by the players but yet even the parents who care the most end up seeing their child in the emergency ward of a hospital.

This is quite certain if the teen participates in a few of the games that are most dangerous and that cause large number of injuries to the head.

Are cycling and football the most dangerous sports for children? This is a question that is frequently asked by most of the people.  Different surveys have been set up from time to time in order to find out that what sports are the most dangerous for the children.

A survey a show that approximately 1.4 million afflicted injures occurs among the football participants of the high schools on the year 2005 – 2006. This report has been commissioned by United States center for the Disease Prevention and Control.

The sport of football has topped the list of injuries among all the sports and has proven to be the most dangerous for the children. The injury rate for the football players is approximately 4.36 injuries per the afflicted 1000. The game of football also ahs topped the list of the sports organized for the head injuries in accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The next in line is the sport of biking. Although biking is not an organized sport in a large number of the schools yet it is responsible for a large number of head injuries that are inflicted to the high school students.

Among the children who are younger than 14 years of age the head injuries that result from biking are three times greater than those that are expected for those who play football.

Among the other sports that are included in the top hit list of the most dangerous sports are those of wrestling, cheer-leading, non contact and many others. But as indicated by a large number of surveys it gets evident that the sports of cycling and football are at the top among those sports that are most dangerous ones for children.