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Child Abuse

Child AbuseEvery child has the right to be love and care. There are many children who suffer child abuse. Here we will discuss four main types of child abuse such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and neglect.

Physical abuse: Physical abuse is an important type of child abuse. Child abuse consists of different physical injuries on a child. These injuries can be intentional or unintentional. There is a difference between physical abuse and physical punishment. Physical abuse is defined as abusing or injuring a child in terms of physical aggression. On the other hand, physical punishment is use as a corrective measure but not injury.

Sexual abuse: The second and most important type of child abuse is sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is defined as sexual act between child and an adult. There are various forms of sexual abuse such as rape, incest, child prostitution and many more.  The possible signs of child abuse are seductive behaviour, rejection of sexuality, fear of particular member of family or person.

Emotional abuse: Emotional abuse is also called verbal abuse and mental abuse. This type of child abuse had more long lasting effects as compared to other types of child abuse. Emotional abuse is defined as negative attitude or behaviour that conflicts with the development of child.

Neglect: Child neglect is the most common type of child abuse. Neglect can also be closely related to emotional abuse. Those children who wear dirty clothes and hungry then these children suffer from this type of abuse.

After discussing the types of child abuse, now the question arises what are the main causes or reasons of child abuse. There are various reasons of child abuse. The main cause of child abuse is mental illness and psychological problems. Furthermore, family problems and issues are main causes or reasons of child abuse. Parents who are drug addicts they can easily hurt or abuse their children. Moreover, financial problems also pursue parents to abuse their children. Additionally, stress can be the main reason of child abuse.

Those children who experienced child abuse, then they have emotional problems and the chances of suicide increases among them. The effect or impact of child abuse on a child totally depends on how severe the abuse is, the greater or severe the abuse, the greater the impact on the state of child. Various effects of child abuse are depression, tension and stress. Now the question arises, what’s the treatment of child abuse? For those children who have experienced sexual abuse special psycho therapies are arranged for them. Moreover, special training programs are arranged for parents and children.

On the whole child abuse is a serious matter and it needs a lot of attention because future generation involves in this matter. This matter can be prevented if parents attend different seminars and conferences on child abuse which guide them to take care of their children. Children are considered to be the most important and significant part of society so we should give love and care to them.