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The Meaningful Sounds

The Meaningful SoundsI recently met a mother whose three-years-old child sat amidst a rowdy group of children, yet was completely quiet. This appeared odd and when the other mothers inquired about the child’s unusual silence his mother has an interesting account to relate. She was a working mother and left her child at a day care centre till noon. In the afternoons she picked up the child who invariably slept after his meal. In the evenings she said she was too burdened with chores, cooking for a demanding husband, to enjoy her baby. She seemed blissfully ignorant of the fact that her lack of communication with the child was the cause of his silence.

What a lot of mothers do not realize is that talking to their child is of immense importance. It is not uncommon knowledge that a child is a washed with the sounds of his mother when in her womb. It’s from here that the child establishes a bond, comforting and reassuring. Experiments have proved that a newborn turns to the mother rather than the father when in need, and is known to respond to familiar sounds.

There are a few pointers that parents should follow. Talking clearly, slowly, even stilling on syllables is important. This helps the child understand better, differentiate the syllables and words. Talking in a slightly higher pitch ensures that the child responds to you. Repeating certain words or small sentences combined with action, they respond to very quickly.

Also if you repeat words after children they gain confidence that they are being understood. They bask in attention, and that helps sharpen their abilities to learn faster. Repeating the same sentence in variation will also help the child learn that there alternative ways to communicate. Parents should not just baby talk, for as the infant grows there is a need to talk to the child as you would talk to an adult. Complete sentences with a subject and a predicate.

A child will pick up his mother tongue, however, complex the phonetics may be of the language. Whilst adult will have to labor over the grammar, the syntax, the phonetics and yet not perfect it.