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Women’s Contribution In Building Better Societies

It will not be wise to say that women do not have any contribution in country’s progression; there is no profession in which women has not actively made her mark. Whether it is journalism or film making, we have example of noble women taking pressures in proving themselves equally productive in comparison to men. Many women are also part of family businesses, their hard work and dedication has further blossomed their family incomes and business revenues. They are just not limited in raising families, the traditional women has lot to learn from the modern women. In developed countries the role of women has entered in parliaments and as legal custodians. The role of women in promoting social values in communities is yet another aspect that is benefiting generations and generations. Country can definitely progress if the women of that country are free to express her in any profession and situations. They should be empowered so they can develop the societies better in terms of education, health, religion and morals. The facts indicate that the developed countries did not get developed just in a single day, but with the effort of men and women of that country who took challenge in building it. Examples of United States and European countries are there, who realized that their countries could not shine among other nations without empowering women in all fields of life. Today’s women have graciously developed their selves in all professions even in the conditions of no worst law situations and political unrest. Many women cannot even fight for their basic rights, because of the male dominating societies who do not accept women as their competitors and perceive women as a housewife only. But today’s women have fought with all such problems in the most courageous manner by speaking for their selves through international platforms and media channels. Women like Benazir Bhutto and Florence nightingale has proved to the world that they are a powerful force in building better society and nation. They are the one who nourish their children, who become navy officers and presidents of the company. They should be empowered in all governmental institutions; national forums should be conducted where women should be included with the ratio of fifty percent. In the field of politics and law, women can play exceptional role in bringing peace in country, their involvement in country’s matter could evolve as positive image among nations. They should be provided primary opportunities in decision making and project planning so that the elements of corruption and fraud could not prevail among corrupted governmental institutions. Women are equally smart in the hockey and tennis ground, their sporting skills are dying because they do not have sufficient resources to build their selves as professional athletes. In entertainment industry the talent possessed by today’s women is inspiring and outstanding; girls have proved their abilities in this versatile million dollar industry. Electronics or accounts, software or linguistics there is no occupation where women have not set their footsteps and tried to won the game.